How to do the Swan Dive Pilates Exercise?

The Swan Dive mainly targets the following muscles: transverse abs, deep pelvic floor, back muscles, hip extensors, obliques and scapula stabilizers.
Watch the video below of how to do the Swan Dive exercise.
Lie on your belly with the spine in neutral and legs extended long on the mat. Keep the legs shoulder distance apart with pointed toes.
On an inhale, lengthen the spine into extension and bring the hips off the mat if you can. Keep the abs engaged and shoulder blade stable. How high up you come depends on your flexibility.
On an exhale, keep the spine and hips in extension, keep your legs engaged and long while you rock forward. Let the legs go back and up as you come forward, and arms reaching forward with palms up.
On an inhale, rock back up again. Exhale, rock back down.
On the last rock up, place the hands on the mat again and maintain the extension in the spine. Slowly and with control lengthen the spine back to the mat. 
Repetitions: 8 repetitions
Caution: Engage the abs during spinal extension and only come as high into an extension (back bend) as you can keep the ab support, and maintain shoulder blade stabilization. 
Helena-Alexandra, the founder of Pebbles Pilates Sportswear
Fun fact: This exercise is fun to do together with the children (if surrounded by any). Observe their spinal flexion.

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