6 Minutes Spine Lengthening Scolio Pilates with Karena Thek

Karena Thek is one of the most prominent Pilates instructors when it comes to the knowledge of scoliosis. We are so proud to present this Scolio-Pilates video in collaboration with her. 

In this video Karena guides you through three amazing exercises that emphasis spine lengthening. It is for you who have scoliosis, if you have, or ever have had back pain, and for you who want to recreate that length in your spine that may have disappeared over time. 

In the video Karena is wearing our Capri Jumpsuit. Not only is it beautiful on her, it also really helps clarify the movements, due to the open back.

Watch the video below for guidance.

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Really appreciate this workout video!

Britt August 09, 2020

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