Meet Industry Leaders Within Pilates - For Pebbles Pilates New Drop

We caught up with prominent Pilates Instructors and Movement Specialists, to learn about their perception of "To Liberate Yourself".
In preparation for the new drop, we caught up with industry leaders within the Pilates community, to hear their perception of "To liberate yourself". Because that is what we want our timeless and upcycled new pieces to get a sense of - liberation.

Together with a Scandinavian atelier we've perfected the new collection, designed to fit your body so you can move with a sense of freedom.

Meet 3 prominent Pilates pros:

Rebecca Beckler
Micki Havard
Laia Nart

"To Liberate Yourself is to freely move and to feel, internally, what is going on, and being one, with the body."

- Rebecca Beckler

Stay tuned for the 16th of September!

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