Move with Kathryn Ross Nash when she tests Pebbles Pilates Sportswear

We have teamed up with the amazing Kathryn Ross Nash. Move with her as she tests our latest drop of sportswear. 

Kathryn is an entrepreneur, model and internationally known Pilates teacher of teachers. You may have seen her on the cover of Pilates Style Magazine. Kathryn is the creator of The Red Thread Method, a Pilates teacher program. She may also be one of the most humble and strong woman out there. 

What kind of movement can I expect in this online workout?

In this 10 Minutes workout you can expect a really challenging Pilates repertoire. It is a high intensity workout. For the workout you need yourself, some cool sportswear, a mat and if you have a weight pole (but this is not necessary). 

Watch the video for guidance. 

(Remember to consult direct with Kathryn for a safe workout).

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