Rebecca Beckler for #PebblesPilatesMoves

We have teamed up with prominent Pilates instructors around the globe, with whom you can move together with, each Sunday. You can also save the workout for later, if Sunday is not your day to move. 

Move together with Rebecca Beckler. She is the owner of The Suspension method as well as the founder of @pilates949. She is also a SOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer. 

What kind of movement can I expect in this workout?

Rebecka is introducing a Pilates Inspired Booty Band Circuit where you target gluteus, legs, shoulders, arms, abs and work on your hip stability. Try 3 Rounds for 45 Seconds each exercise. Number 3 is harder than it looks. Enjoy!

  1. Reverse Hip Rolls/Tendon Stretch
  2. Side Lying Double Leg Lifts
  3. Prone Hamstring Curl/Leg Extension
  4. Neutral Hip Hinge/Shoulder Press

Watch the video for guidance: 

Try 3 Rounds for 45 Seconds - each exercise.

(Remember to consult with your doctor and physical theraphist in order to train safely).

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Great workout! I will try to do it each morning. 💪💪💪

Anna October 08, 2020

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